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Why are you passionate about your massage business? 

LaVida Massage of Ballantyne is proud to announce its new owner. Adrienn took over LaVida Massage of Charlotte (Ballantyne) in February of 2014 and her mission is to be Ballantyne’s choice for a custom massage. She is dedicated to positively impact the well-being of all guests by providing excellent massage and spa service through her large-team of skilled, experienced and certified massage therapists in Charlotte, NC.
“We see so many clients who are relieved from pain, soreness and stress that thank us on a regular basis. How can you not be passionate about helping so many people?”
We also love working with so many talented massage therapists who feel so passionate about their work and take it as a personal mission to help their clients alleviate their pain and bring joy, health and relaxation to their lives. It is pure pleasure to work with so many kind and passionate employees.  

Mental & Physical Benefits of Massage

Treating yourself to a massage may seem like it should only be a once in a blue moon occurrence, but in all reality, only reserving massage for special occasions is a thing of the past. Routinely treating yourself with a massage gives you much needed mental and physical health benefits.

Healthy Living in Charlotte, NC

The overall benefits of massage reach beyond helping to soothe a sore muscle. Stress relief and mental decompression are the top two reasons why the majority of people will book a massage.

What are some other benefits of massage?

•    Depression & Anxiety Management
•    Increased Sleep Quality
•    Boosted Immune System
•    Headache & Migraine Pain Relief

Studies have shown that regular massage reduces the stress hormone cortisol, thus resulting in lower blood pressure and an increase in white blood cells. To start reaping the  physical and mental health benefits of Massage in Charlotte, NC, call today to book an appointment online.

What makes your LaVida Massage better than the competition?

We have more than 12 very experienced, talented and dedicated Massage Therapists. Each one brings their own special talent and dedication to every session, and we match our clients to the therapist that would best serve their needs. We offer a wide range of services including medical, sports, deep-tissue, Swedish, trigger point, reflexology, and couples massages.
Experience does make the difference at LaVida Massage in Charlotte, NC. While there are many talented therapists fresh out of Massage School, we require at least one year of professional experience. There is no substitute for hands on experience.
Our hand chosen massage therapists have an average of six years of experience, and our most experienced therapist has over 20 years of experience, and holds a medical massage certificate. We have also established a mentorship and continuing education program for our massage therapists, so they are continuously improving and staying at the cutting edge of their field. We have also partnered with local health-care providers and chiropractors to ensure that people who are in need of this complementary health service have the opportunity to take advantage of the therapeutic benefits of massage therapy.

We are open 7 days a week and have eight treatment rooms, and a spacious couple’s massage room to ensure that we can accommodate everyone’s busy schedule. 

Adrienn Jankovics, owner of LaVida Massage - Ballantyne was invited by WBTV to discuss the health benefits of therapeutic massage therapy.

The interview appeared on August 24, 2014. Adrienn was accompanied by Caryn Taylor, one of the spa's medically certified massage therapists. To view the full interview, please click here.
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