How Often Should You Get a Massage?

As you probably know, massage techniques have been used by humans for thousands of years. However, many people are just starting to realize the many health benefits of massage therapy. No matter what ailment you suffer from, chances are there is a type of massage out there that will help you cope with the pain and discomfort you feel. If you're thinking about undergoing massage therapy, here is some information about how often you should get a massage.

Wellness and Relaxation

You stand to benefit from massage therapy no matter how healthy you are. Some of the major benefits of massage are as follows:

•Improves circulation

•Boosts the immune system

•Elongates tightened muscles

•Helps eliminate toxins from tissues

If you simply want to relieve strain and stress from the everyday difficulties of life, you should have a massage scheduled at least once a month. For most people, a massage more than twice a month may be too much.

Optimizing Athletic Performance

Massage can help athletes boost their performance and decrease their chance of injury. Not only do massages boost joint mobility, but they also help keep the muscle groups balanced. In order to remain in shape and truly reap the benefits of massage therapy, athletes should have at least two massage sessions every week. This is why many professional teams hire therapists for their players. Casual athletes often simply don't have the resources to have massage sessions that often.

If you're athletic but don't play sports as your career, you should have massage sessions once or twice a month during periods of light training. The more intense your workouts are; the more massage sessions you should have.

Pain Management

Chronic pain can be caused by muscles that are overly contracted. Individuals who suffer from chronic pain should undergo massage sessions weekly if possible. Of course, the frequency of massage sessions should depend on the level of pain you feel. In the beginning, you will probably need frequent massage sessions to reduce the pain and less frequent massage sessions later on for maintenance.

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